Kahoot Live Game Basic Setting | Everything You Need to Know

Kahoot Live: As soon as you press the Start button after logging in to begin hosting a live event, the gear wheel on the right-hand side of your host’s display makes it possible to access and modify game preferences for that game.

Subscription levels determine which configurations can be accessed.

As part of your response, altering certain options between questions is possible. These changes will then be saved until the next time and adjusted using buttons on the host computer screen located centrally on its screen.

Very Basic Settings for Kahoot Live

Very Basic Settings for Kahoot Live

This game can be selected as an option during live Kahoot sessions, either online or offline, where participants will see answers and questions through their mobile devices and submit responses directly.

It benefits players who find it hard to access an alternative device to view the host’s display. Kahoot! offers this service for free to its users.

Player Identification

The Player Identification feature is an exciting new feature that lets you track player performances across Kahoot games. When hosting multiple tournaments with this table identifier feature in place, reports can be combined seamlessly into one comprehensive report.

Kahoot Theme

Kahoot Theme

Kahoot Game creators have the option of customizing the default theme of their game by editing its creator, while hosts may modify it through game settings. The theme section displays both custom-designed themes as well as your own (if your subscription supports this).


Once this option is activated, players can choose and alter how they’re displayed themselves during gameplay.

General Settings for Kahoot Live

Kahoot Game Lobby Music

At times, Kahoot will switch out the default music in the game lobby with one of the amazing tracks (such as during Christmas or Halloween).

If you would like to switch tracks at any point during a meeting, simply switch back to “Original.”. From the lobby music dropdown, select your preferred track, then press play on its right side for a preview of what it sounds like.

Kahoot Nickname Generator

Kahoot Nickname Generator

Be ready for quick Kahoot gameplay! The name generator will provide the most appropriate nicknames for players.

  • Users tap or click “Spin!” on their devices to generate an initial nickname.
  • This spinner can spin up to three times.


Selecting the language for both players and teachers the interface and instructions is possible without altering any aspect of the game itself; this won’t impact its language content either, and there isn’t an inbuilt translator tool that translates answers or queries directly.

Remove any players

Clicking a player’s nickname in the host lobby to initiate your game can start the action rolling; they may also be removed before starting play because if a host sees any activity against the game, then the host can remove players without giving any warning.


Are you hoping to automate the progress of your Kahoot game? By activating this feature, it provides the perfect way to set up kiosks or a self-operating course!

  • Automatic Game Start When at least one participant enrolls and fifteen minutes have elapsed without additional players signing up, the game will commence automatically with leaderboards and results showing for 5 minutes on screens in leaderboard mode.
  • Once a game has concluded, it will recommence immediately or continue playing as planned in your playlist.

Team Talk

Choose the “Team Mode” option to allow your team members to discuss answers via “Team Chat/Team Talk.”. Each question shown before teams submit answers provides them with time to contemplate their answers; when teams submit answers, you’ll see a timer at the bottom of your screen showing when answers must be submitted.

End Kahoot Live Game

If you must finish the competition early without going through all the issues, simply go to settings, scroll down the settings page, and find an option in the lower section that brings you directly back up toward the top of the list.

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