Kahoot Join Code | How to use it to join Kahoot! Game

Kahoot Join Code: The Kahoot login code is a unique set of letters and numbers that users need to enter to use the engaging learning app Kahoot. Participants in a Kahoot game are given this code by the game host, which lets kahoot.org join the game session.

Kahoot Join Code

The login code makes sure that only certain people are allowed to join a certain Kahoot game. This keeps the learning experience honest and safe. Users can take fun and useful quizzes, polls, and talks by entering the login code. This encourages active involvement and helps people remember what they’ve learned.

Different ways to Participate in a Kahoot game

Keep in mind that there are several ways to get to the delightful world of fantastic learning. Take a look at our simple, detailed instructions. 

 Through the use of the game’s PIN

  • Via link
  • Using a QR Code

There are few thing keep in mind

  • To participate in Kahoot! games, an account is not required.
  • When you leave the game (by, for example, shutting the app or tab or losing connection), you cannot play again with the same username and points that you have collected.
  • When a player returns to the game, they must start again with a fresh name and all of their points.

Kahoot Join Code Via Game PIN

Here are the step-by-step Kahoot Joining Codes steps via Game PIN:

  1. You can join by going to Kahoot it or open our mobile application on your mobile device and clicking “Join.”
  2. Enter the game PIN.
  3. If the host accepts the player ID, give the host the ID they asked for.
  4. The host can turn on the device that makes cute nicknames.
  5. Tapping or clicking the Spin button will give you a random nickname. Simply type a nickname you like if it’s not on.

Kahoot Join Code Via Link

Having links means you can skip using Kahoot! PINs are used for participation.

Live games happening simultaneously

  • The PIN may be accessed by the host inside the game.
  • They will immediately have a URL to the game copied to their clipboard.
  • To skip the introduction and get right into the game, the host may just provide this link to the participants.
  • The URL is all that’s needed for everyone.
  • Kahoot will launch on our mobile app if the user has it installed on their phone. In such a case, your computer’s web browser will launch and display the URL.

Self study

  • The host may provide the participants with a link to the task’s report by copying the URL from the website.

Simply click the link to play

  • Kahoot will launch on our mobile app if the user has it installed on their phone. In such a case, your computer’s web browser will launch and display the URL.

Kahoot Join Code Via QR Code

To access the Kahoot app, open it on your mobile device. If you have a camera app on your phone, you may scan the QR code to access the Kahoot website or app.

  • Press the Join button located at the screen’s top.
  • Click under the “Scan QR code” option.
  • Scan the code seen on the host’s display or one they provide you with using our integrated QR code reader.
  • Get the Kahoot code and get on! If you are playing a live game and the code is too small to read, you can request that the host click on it. The view will expand.
  • Your Kahoot app will immediately begin the game.

If you’re using the camera app instead of the app on your computer, the game will launch in the browser. The app or website may ask for permission to launch on certain devices.

Requirements before Joining Kahoot

Playing does not require an account. See the nickname generator for a random option; until the host has turned on player identification, all that’s required to join a game is a nickname.

Nothing else is required.

  • Any device that can access the internet—phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop—and an internet browser or mobile app that is compatible with ours.
  • You will simply need an internet connection to participate and submit your work after you have finished the challenge.
  • For live games, stability is key. If you are experiencing frequent connection drops, there are steps you can take to determine if your internet service is solid.
  • As a temporary solution, try switching your connection type to anything else (cellphone, wifi, ethernet). There is little data consumption in Kahoot! game. Using more than 1 GB of data would be enough to answer 1,000 questions.


You may see QR codes shown next to PINs. The QR code is unique and is created automatically so that players can easily kahoot.join get into every game.

There are 6 numbers in a Kahoot game, and you could enter those numbers to enter the Kahoot game.

The game host is responsible for providing players with the Kahoot Codes.

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