Kahoot Free: Is Kahoot free for Teachers, Students, and Players

For Students: Students can easily create, design, and host Kahoots free of charge! In addition, students have access to study modes and can practice together with peers.

For Hosts: Hosts/creators may subscribe to one or more presenter subscription levels; players can still play without an active subscription if desired.

Kahoot! + Study plans provide additional features that make learning more engaging, fascinating, and enjoyable; however, our free-cost Kahoot! version remains available.

With the Kahoot Free Version, users have access to various methods of studying on mobile applications that make learning fun and interesting! They will find everything from crossword puzzles and trivia questions through word games to memory aids that will help them retain information they have acquired over time.


Ans. Yes, you can use their basic plan for free.

Ans. The Basic Plan is a free version offering up to 50 players on five teams, one teacher group of five people, and formative assessment reports. Multiple choice pictures as answers as well as access to GIF libraries can also be included with this version of Kahoot! Pro can accommodate 100 players on five teams across three teacher groups of 20. In addition, multiple question choices may also be offered.

Ans. Yes, in the basic plan, there is also free Quizizz.

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