How to Make a Kahoot Public | Simple Steps To Know

How to make a Kahoot Public or Private:

Determine how your Kahoots will be displayed by changing its visibility settings; here we show how. Control who and when will see your posts with our guide on changing the visibility settings of Kahoots; you have complete control over who can view your content!


  • Early students in their education cannot play public games involving multiple people at one time; therefore, they are limited in access. Please see more about restrictions by age here.
  • Business users cannot view their personal information; upgrading software for public visibility should be prioritized.
  • Certain features are only included on higher-priced plans.

How to Set Up a Kahoot Private or Public?

Before learning how to set up a Kahoot for private or public purposes, consider all available strategies for visibility. Read further!

  • Public Your Kahoot will appear in the search results of the Explore page, while sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Slack may allow their members to preview its description, title, and cover image upon uploading the shared URL.
  • This option is only available if the Kahoot has been saved to an individual workspace.
  • Your Kahoot won’t appear in search results displayed on the Explore page; sign-in is required to be able to use it and grant access if desired.
  • For more details, see these steps to grant others access.
  • This option is only available if the Kahoot has been stored in your private workspace.
  • Unlisted (only included in specific packages): Your Kahoot will not appear in search results on the Explore page; however, you may share its link across different social networks and media outlets.
  • This feature can be utilized both personally and within an open workspace environment.
  • Accessibility will depend on your plan’s level. Should this feature be necessary to you, we advise the publisher subscription plan as the way forward.
  • Organization (only available with certain packages): Your Kahoot will only be visible to other members of a shared workspace and won’t appear in search results of the Find page.
  • This option becomes available once a Kahoot has been saved in a shared workspace.
  • Access to organization access options depends upon their design; team plans can help share content across businesses, schools, and higher education institutions more easily than individual accounts can.

How Can You Change Visibility?

Do you want your Kahoot visible to all? Two techniques may help increase its visibility:

How to Set up a Kahoot Public in the Library tab

How to make a kahoot public in Library tab

Here are some steps that will help you set up your Kahoot public in the library tab:

  1. Please visit your account’s library to browse its contents.
  2. Find a Kahoot that resonates with you!
  3. Click the symbol next to their writer’s name for more information.
  4. Select one of the available strategies for visibility.
  5. Click the save button.

Some visibility options can only be changed within private and shared workspaces; if the feature you need doesn’t show up there, try moving into another workspace and changing visible options there instead.

How to Set up a Kahoot Public in Creator tab

  1. Simply press the pencil icon below the title of a Kahoot to add its creator, or create a new Kahoot by selecting Create Kahoot from the upper-right-hand part on the right side.
  2. To set preferences, click Settings of Creator Kahoot in its settings section on top.
  3. Select your settings within the Visibility section, and then click Done to complete.
  4. Click the save button, which is located in the top-right corner.

Visibility settings are only available within private and shared workspaces if they exist. If your Kahoot does not show what it wants, try moving it to another workspace and changing its transparency accordingly.


Ans. Modify the public Kahoot of others (by duplicating you to create an editable duplicate). But be wary – beloved public Kahoot may change when its creators edit or remove content!

Ans. Private Kahoots must be made accessible to you, which are located on the Shared with Me, Library Page.

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