Kahoot Quiz | How to Make A Kahoot Quiz | Complete Guide

Welcome to Kahoot Quizzes’ fascinating and educational world. This fun question-and-answer game combines curiosity and competition. Discover facts, test your knowledge, and have fun on this thrilling quiz adventure. Explore the exciting world of Kahoot and learn, win, and have fun!

What is Kahoot Quiz?

Kahoot! Quiz, a new learning platform, makes school exams fun with games. A unique game PIN lets users create quizzes, surveys, and ongoing conversations in 2012’s Kahoot! Teachers, trainers, and others can use it. Participant devices allow instant quiz access, and attendees share a screen to view questions.

The game mechanics make Kahoot! fun to learn. A timer and question point system encourages competition on the platform. This makes the place lively and entertaining. This motivates people to think quickly and participate.

Kahoot! quizzes can be tailored to different learning levels and topics for classrooms and corporate training. Accessibility and usability have drawn users from various sectors to the platform.

This is Kahoot! Quiz encourages students of all ages to collaborate and learn by making exams fun.

kahoot quizz

Create a Kahoot quiz:

Before initiating a Kahoot! quiz, it is necessary to establish an account on Kahoot!. Here are some steps to create a Kahoot quiz:

  1. Open Kahoot.com and sign in using your Kahoot account.
  2. Click on the Create button in the upper-right-hand corner, or choose from one of Kahoot’s activities, to begin creating. For multiple-choice quiz creation, use Quiz instead; in its settings, there will also be options to control the settings of the multiple choice quiz.
  3. Provide details for your quiz, such as its name and description, privacy preference settings, your desired language settings, and intended target audience(s); upload an original cover image if available, or use pictures from Kahoot!’s collection to customize.
  4. If you would like your students to watch an introduction video while waiting for Kahoot! for the first time, simply add a YouTube link in the “Intro video” box and press OK.
  5. On clicking OK, go back into Kahoot! and add questions when the screen for questions appears.
  6. Set Up Kahoot! Questions.
  7. It offers answers that range in character length from 95 characters up to the entire correct answer, which may or may not exist at once.
  8. Upload quiz questions using a worksheet template with quizzes as your audience responses in an anonymous spreadsheet file for quizzes, or upload directly from Kahoot!
  9. Utilizing time limits, switch points off or on as desired for quizzes with Kahoot! Set-Up feature.
  10. Upload an image or video from YouTube as the prompt for each question, dragging to position as desired.
  11. When you are finished answering all your queries click to save.
  12. Click I’m Done and edit, share, or play your Kahoot! Quiz.


Ans. True/false, multiple-choice, and puzzle questions are supported by Kahoot. Images and videos make quizzes more interesting.

Ans. Absolutely! I believe it! Kahoot works on smartphones, tablets, and more. Download and log in to Kahoot from the app store to take or create quizzes anywhere.

Ans. yes! Full Kahoot reports are available afterward.


In conclusion, to become a Kahoot expert, you must have fun while learning. Kahoot lets users share their knowledge, make friends, and enjoy learning. Students, teachers, and quiz fans can use it. Take a Kahoot quiz to prepare, then start your assignment!

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