How to Create Kahoot Game?

Kahoot is an online learning platform! Kahoot has game-like tools for teaching and learning. Kahoot’s play-based learning is one of the main benefits. Because of this, teachers are using it and due to this more students are engaged all over the globe.

Why use Kahoot instead? Kahoot! is easy to use, has all the features you need, is linked with other platforms, can be attached, and has many other applications.

Kahoot! has changed the way people learn in classrooms all over the globe. The success of Kahoot! is due to more than just education. There are a lot of the same other factors.

Confidence is boosted by Kahoot! because it brings together students, quiz followers, and people who love to learn. The thrill of a new challenge is something every Kahoot! players can relate to. Make a Kahoot! in no time at all.

Find out how simple the Kahoot! website is to use by giving it a try. Making a Kahoot! game is another option. Then, sign up for a live online class taught by coding whizzes from Google, Stanford, and MIT. While you learn to code, you can have fun making Pokemon games in this class.


Step-by-step Guide for Starting a Kahoot! game

To create a free Kahoot! account, visit the website and click the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner. You must state your account type (teacher, student, personal, etc.) and occupation (school, business, other). After choosing your company, enter your login information. Now finished!

Kahoot offers free and paid plans… The free version of Kahoot! makes game setup easy. Follow the instructions below.

  • Create a Kahoot! account

Find the “Create” button on the top right and click on it. Decide about the quiz or game you want to create before you go on to the next step, where you can choose the question type.

  • Select a quiz type

Look for the “Add question” option on the left side of the menu bar. Select “Quiz,” which will then provide multiple-choice questions. Only one of four possible answers will be right in a game.

  • Add questions

Press “Start typing your question” to begin, and then type in your query. Then, provide multiple-choice answers to your audience at the screen’s bottom. Pick out the answers you want and replace “Add answer 1, Add answer 2, etc.” with them. Verify the correctness of each one. Mark the box that best describes your answer. A green circle background with a white checkmark will show up if you finish the task. You can make your quiz or game longer by repeating Steps 2 and 3.

  • Quiz type and timer

Your game should also include true/false questions. If things go well, you won’t have to start over. Change the question type to True or Falls in the upper right corner. The simplest explanation is that. Setting a timer for answering a question works similarly. As expected, you have 20 seconds to ask your question. Changing anything is up to you. Top right corner displays the question type and time limit.

  • You’re done!

After collecting all the Kahoot! questions, you can finish the game. After clicking “Done” in the upper left corner, you’ll be asked to name and describe your project. The description box is optional and requires no text.

  • Take action now or later

Your game is ready for testing, play, or sharing after you click begin. To include your game in the library, either choose one or hit the Done button.

Your game may be edited whenever you want once it’s in your library.


After creating your own Kahoot game What Next?

You now understand how to create Kahoot. Every part of your Kahoot game rules may be customized! …and use them effectively while learning.

You may use Kahoot! to create a memory game after a Scratch lecture. Work well! A piece of cake!

No need to create a new game. Select the Edit button to alter or add question and answer selections.

Click the Edit button next to the Play button to return to the previous level before pressing “Done”. Your work may be altered thereafter.

Many alternatives are available. It’s possible to collude! intriguing world with a simple structure. Let your creativity go wild and make it helpful and entertaining.

The next online session will cover child-friendly topics in more detail. Developing your own Pokemon game with a tutor may teach you to code.


Of course! Image may make your Kahoot game more engaging.

Yes, Kahoot may be utilized outside of the classroom. Use it for team development, training, social gatherings, and other activities that need participation.

Kahoot offers premium and free options. Free plans have limitations, while premium plans provide more features and flexibility. Visit Kahoot’s website to see your pricing options and choose the best one.

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